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3 - 6 Mayıs 2012 Seminar of Detection Fault Motherboard seminar

3-6 Mayıs 2012 Erpa Dialog as "Seminar of Detection Fault Motherboard seminar was conducted successfully.
Click here to get to the pictures taken during the seminar ...

Eğitmenlerimiz ve katılımcılarımıza teşekkür ediyoruz.

Yükselay Bilişim-
Aydın Serkan Karadeniz

Thank you for training.If practice increased a little more,training would be very good.
Accommodation for companies from outside Istanbul agreement is better made.

Yükselay Bilişim-Gökhan Hatunoğlu
 Training is successful and instructive.I renewed information.Training was good for me. Accommodation for companies from outside Istanbul agreement is better made.

Teknoturkuaz-Mehmet Tahir Öztürk
Thank you  for  training and technicians.This training was very nice and informative.
I would like to thank management of ERPA. I learned a lot of things relevet technical.I hope that this training will continue,because I will waiting again this training.Best regards.

Asbron Bilgisayar-Yılmaz DURAN
I satisfied this training.Thank you.

Maden Bilgisayar-Emre ÖZSEMİZ
We met with many people from other companies in training.I got to know more ERPA.
Important for me met warm and friendly.

Bilses Bilişim-Muhammed BOYACI
Training was a positive and productive. More waiting for the training.

Eksetek-Emre KENDİRLİ
I was the right decision to attend this training at ERPA to provide technical service. Thank you

Digikey Computer-Ufuk KILBUĞA
The learning environment was very good.In addition,practical expressions and transmitted will be very beneficial for  me. I will be attend new training in the  future.Thank you.