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01-03 Mart 2012 Detection Fault Motherboard seminar
01-03 Mart 2012 Erpa Dialog as "Seminar of Detection Fault Motherboard seminar was conducted successfully.

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Sigma Bilgisayar – Murat KOÇ

It was a very successful training. Thank You.

Dakser Bilgisayar – Osman BOZAN
I just edited that training 4 times of Erpa. Certainly this was the training of benefit me.I wish more of these tutorials.   In this tutorial, all the authorities and his staff of labor last ERPA. thank you very much.

Esbi Bilgisayar – Şahin BATUGE
I can't comment,I entered on the new sector. I hope that we will be together in the other tutorial. Until now, the comment is very good. You are doing this job is so true. I wish more developments.
Egze Yazılım ve Bilgisayar Sistemleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. – İsmail AYAR

A fine education. Training application time can be kept a bit longer. Thank You

Egze Yazılım ve Bilgisayar Sistemleri San. Tic. Ltd. Şti. – Uğur KURAKURAN

Schema tutorial, mainboard and components are examples of more applied, using more. Overall, it was a successful, friendly, academic training. Over the Web can be made only for the purpose of making the dealers stick to training again. Web seminars to prepare and can be made with the appointment calendar/Time way. Thanks for everything.

Ural Bilgisayar – Mustafa Ural

It was a very good education. Can be divided into two parts as beginning and intermediate.

Serhat Bilgisayar – Gökhan Halil İŞLER
Entry level and progress is good, but the application would be better. Wireless training as I hands-on training.

Espos Bilgisayar – Erhan DURMAN

I, for the first time, the training of Erpa is coming I wish he enjoyed. A heartfelt thanks to friends in labor last. I think it is useful, I am waiting for more of trainings conducted training.
Efes Bilgisayar – Osman ARGAT 

Information sharing is very good. Question-and-answer also helped a lot. Lecture notes into the book before the note on top of that, students are training to distribute alabilmeli. At the very least, each participant must do the application once.

Tekno Market – Mehmet DENEMİŞ 
Training was very useful too. Erpa also I think it would be very useful in the future to me of trainings. I think a quality work enhances the quality of the company account.

Comaks Bilgisayar – Erkan DURMAZ
Schema and technical knowledge is very good. Technical staff, technical staff know-how is very good. If I participate in an advanced training.