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19-20 February 2011 BGA training seminar entitled

19-20 February 2011 Erpa Dialog as "BGA training seminar entitled" seminar was conducted successfully.
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Thank you to participants Mustafa BOZKURT-Murat OZCAN.

Participant Comments:


Eko Notebook - Eralp TAREM

Training is very informative. 2 months even though I currently use a different brand of BGA machine is missing information we deal with some of the things in common and actually learned the practical can be done. Instructors were very approachable. Thank you to all of them. Machines are highly efficient in particular camera models want to care in a few hay. Just complete a breakdown of training and not BGA can be very productive. I think the fault detection of comprehensive education. Erpa thanks for their contribution to the family.
Educational content is not just common sense on the machines due to the good. problems encountered was also told.

BGT Elektronik - Ali İlker USTA

Training content is satisfactory.Instructors were good but can be a bit slower and subject are dealt the narrations.Given the descriptive information about the company. -It would be better if a very short trip business units. Standing on the quality and customer satisfaction about the opinion of the company. Machines can be added a few minor detail but good. In order to facilitate use of the touch screen can show the total elapsed seconds on the public. Top heat mechanism can be established that can be controlled more easily back and forth movement mechanism.

BGT Elektronik - Özgür BOY

Training content is satisfactory.
-Instructors were good but can be a bit slower and subject are dealt the narrations.
 -The company was given the descriptive information about the. A very short verilebilirdi information about departments and sightseeing activities.
-Machines based on the subject quite professional and appropriate devices chip removal and mount operations training and information was very good.

Akademi Bilgisayar - Muahmmet AKIN

The content of the training is well crafted and beautifully mentioned topics explained.Education labor last Mr Mustafa and Mr  Murat, tolerant, I thank very much for the friendly towards the as. I received this training can improve ourselves in this industry. Thank you for this service, this Erpa or more of trainings.

Teknoyet Bilgisayar - Taner ÇOTUK

The training was very good knowledge and interest level. Support the company's dealers assist in solution is fine. Machines and equipment in my opinion very good, easy to use and reliable. Materials used include the price at that time that does backups, to look up who want to buy.

NTS Notebook Servisi - Engin KOCA

Training to training highly anlaşılırdı. expert people very good.The use of the devices is easy.Company trainers and managers feel they can do beautiful things in a very short period of time.