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25 February 2011 BGA training seminar entitled

25 February 2011 Erpa Dialog as "BGA training seminar entitled" seminar was conducted successfully.
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Thank you to participants Mustafa BOZKURT-Murat OZCAN.

Participant Comments:


Kayra Elektronik - Arif ÇINAR

BGA training seminar enjoyed very much. At your disposal there was no flaw. Waiting for more of trainings.


Next & NexStar Yüksel Elektronik - Serhat MERAL

Erpa is positive training seminar at the BGA devices provide convenience in the use of BGA. This will be useful as well as seminars read more.


Next & NexStar Yüksel Elektronik - Atanur YÖRÜK

I've enjoyed very much from the seminar. Waiting for more of trainings.

Fer Elektronik - Salim PARLAR

It was a nice training.


Ural Bilgisayar - Mustafa BAŞURAL

Training is very liked.


Network Computer - Orhan KAYA

Enjoyed the training. Thanks for your interest.


Elsan Bilgisayar - Taksim Ömür ARDUÇ

Training is very useful. We have your new and very good.


Mobiltek Bilgi İşlem - Uğur KESKİN

BGA training for the first time, participated. I think it is useful, and waiting for more. We'll be happy if you also service.

Elektrotürk - Emre ÇELİKTEN

Nowadays, when compared with other companies to better quality of service in many areas.

Bilgisayar Evi - Selim KITAY

Enough interest was shown. Murad bey patiently answered all the solutions. Thank you.


Çizgi Elektronik - Doğukan HAZAR

A useful education. This after sales support and informational purposes should continue receptions.

Günden Elektronik - Alper GÖKDEN

Enjoyed the training.

Arge Teknoloji - Enver KEFELİ

I've enjoyed. Thank you to our seminar a nice was the platform.

Bilnet Pega Kadıköy - Cemal SEVGİ

Erpa's BGA device because of the service, and we offer our grateful indeed. Especially Mr Murat’s said that interest too for me. If a company will certainly matter where we recommended ERPA.