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29-30 July 2011 Detection Fault Motherboard seminar

29-30 July 2011 Erpa Dialog as "Seminar of Detection Fault Motherboard " seminar was conducted successfully.
Click here to get to the pictures taken during the seminar ...

Thank you to participants Mustafa BOZKURT-Murat OZCAN.

Participant Comments:


Şafak Bilgisayar – Ferhat GÖRGEÇ

The information that you provide to our training. This system did not see any firm. BGA training by training a great advantage for us to provide error detection.


Şafak Bilgisayar – Özkan ŞENOL

You've enjoyed the training. I got all the answers to questions that plugs into almost to my head. I wish my thanks for your attention. I wish more of trainings you provide. I wish you more business in your life your developments.


Aytech Bilgisayar Özgür GÜVENÇ

Not enough training and explanatory.Technicians learn about almost every solution to the problem. Waiting for more of trainings.

Emren Bilişim – Ömer BAŞKAN

During the time we were all working and technical staff A to Z and share information not related to the limit.


Emren Bilişim – Engin KOCAKUZU

Training and staff is very successful.


Netkom Bilgisayar – Abdurrahman ARTUÇ

The provision of training, the duration of trainings will maximize the efficiency of this useful.


Key Bilgisayar – Abdullah YÜKSEL

Improvements can be made an efficient education.


Zeron Bilişim – Ersin ÇİVİ

Training of their role. Technical service, then we want to help all your used equipment.